Guidance for your Life´s Journey

Can you hear the wind of change knocking at your door?

Do you feel the need for more balance in your life?

What truly wants to be expressed through you?

Is it time to live your purpose?

Are you thinking to  work with medicine plants and  you are looking for experienced guidance?

I invite you to take your next steps courageously yet consciously into your desired future.

I offer personalized online guidance

(live for those living in Southern Portugal)

For women, willing to make a change 

or find themselves in the midst of change.

With faith (versus certainty),

Daniela Mar

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Contact me for a free 15 minute (Zoom) call to find out how I can support you. After hearing you I will send you an intuitive description of how our time together could look like.

Sessions can be in English/Dutch/German




The Wisdom PathThe Medicine Path∞ The Medicine Bag


Testimonial on

The Wisdom Path

Daniela walked the Wisdom Path with me and I could not have asked for better company. I had just left an intense relationship and felt that I wanted someone by my side to help me work through it and incorporate the many changes in my life consciously and gracefully.

Each session was individual and unique, using different techniques such as breath and sound. And each session felt very light and playful with lots of jokes and laughter.

Daniela creates an environment in which you can let yourself fall and just be. I felt that I could be completely honest and open in our conversations, especially regarding things I might feel uncomfortable about. It's like all barriers just fell away.

Having someone walk beside you during a transformational time in your life is very precious. I guess, sometimes we forget that we do not have to "manage" on our own. For me, Daniela has been a guide as well as a teacher. Thank you for the loving support and for sharing your wisdom!"

Sasha Rack, December 2020