The Medicine Path

You are thinking about having  a sacred plant medicine journey (or with other entheogenic teachers)  and are looking for  experienced guidance to help you with your preparation and integration?

Let me walk beside you  if ......

- you have doubts or fears  regarding participation 

- you would like to get deeper in touch with your exact intention

- you would like to have the best possible preparation ( & integration)  to receive most out of your experience

- you would like to learn about the plant teachers in general and find out if they are right for you.

- you have doubts about the organization you will be drinking with

- you need specialized medical/nutritional advice in regards to your participation

What can I do for you?

I can help you to gain deeper insight in your personal intention. Plant medicines (and most entheogene substances) work very well with an intention setting.  The Universe is vast and  we can get lost in all the things it is showing to us. By asking the ´right´ question (intention) we indicate to our higher Self,  WHAT we want to heal and change in our life.  By reflecting on your intention we will find the right angle and the underlying issues which will facilitate your experience during the ceremony. 

As important as the preparation is the integration period, We will reflect on your journey together and make sure you understood everything that happened in terms of your intentions.. We can also set the follow up route together to help you  implement the new lessons into your life. 

 I work with a doctor who is specialized in this area, if you are looking for more specific medical advice ( e.g. what to do with  diabetes, prescribed medications or mental disorders  in regards to plant medicine or entheogenic substances ). 

The Medicine Path includes:

- 1x preparation session (90 min)

- 1x integration session (90 min)

&Tarot Card Reading

Offering: 108,- euro

-specific medical advice  35.- 

 -additional sessions 55.-

It is best to book your first session

as soon as you know you are participating in a ceremony.