It is traditional in indigenous cultures to carry a medicine bag as a way to access  personal power.
The items in this bag are personal and create an energy that represents the owner, her/his power and her/his spiritual self.
Through these items she/he can reconnect  and  create healing for her/himself and others. 

The Medicine Bag

What is your Medicine? What brings you healing and what of you brings healing to others? What makes your heart sing and gives you deep fulfillment?

Do you have difficulties to see what valuable gifts you have to share with the world?

Or you know but can´t find the spark to manifest  your gifts? 

Let´s open your Medicine Bag together and find out what is keeping you from sharing your medicine(s)......!

My intention is to re-ignite your fire, that passion for life that you feel when you are doing what you love with your entire body, mind and spirit. My way is to gently blow on the sparks so that you can re-member your gifts. 

Fortunately, we have been born with an intense desire to make a good life. It's called doing what we love. Mother Earth is no longer listening to excuses for not doing it.


So, let's get started :)

The Medicine Bag includes:

(live or online)

- 2 guidance sessions (90 min)

-1 breathwork session (120 min)

-Tarot card reading

Offering: 188,- euro