I have known Daniela and Han for about eighteen months now.  I have experienced breathwork sessions with them on many occasions and each time I gain a deeper level of the healing and peace that breathwork facilitated by them brings. Their gentle intuitive guidance helps me to really connect at a deeper level to myself and I can be transported back in time to my former child self or brought to tears with relief from past trauma and pain. I am a strong advocate of breathwork as this technique is not only self healing with ones own breath but extremely accessible and safe for almost anyone to do. Daniela and Han multiply this healing by bringing in their own special gifts to give an amazing experience to anyone who embarks upon this journey with them. I am very sensitive and therefore it is extremely important for me to feel comfortable during breathwork sessions.  Upon meeting both of them I felt instantly loved and safe on the deepest level. After the breathwork sessions I feel such a deep connection to myself, a feeling of utter peace and tranquility comes over my entire being. It’s such an amazing feeling to be in this space with oneself. On a personal and professional level I can highly recommend these special kindred spirits. I am forever grateful for the healing I’ve had through them.

Jade de Ferranti

The breathwork journeys I experienced with Han and Daniela  have been deeply, transforming and so so healing. I never expected that just breathing could be so powerful. I felt safe and cared for, at all times and allowed myself for the first time that I remember to fully surrender to something unknown and new. Thank you both, as I feel I gained so much more self confidence and peace back in my life.

With Love always ,Patricia 

It's very easy to overlook the way in which we breathe and furthermore how to breathe correctly. Daniela was the first person to point out that my old style of breathing was not beneficial to my body or my mind. Through her methods of toning and breathwork combined with her calming and loving spirit i was given a focus and drive that i never had before" 

Stephen - Ireland 

I met Daniela on a recent trip to Portugal visiting my friend.

He’s been telling me about Danielas work and what breathwork has done for him and how it helped him. I have to admit I was skeptical – come on I am breathing 24/7 so how can changing my breathing bring any changes ?

Oh, I was so wrong. I met Daniela and we had a nice talk where she explained what she was doing and curiosity got the best of me and I was open enough to overcome my skepticism and give it a try.

I am so grateful to her for allowing me to have that experience together with her. I would have never expected the energy I felt flowing through my body and the physical as well as emotional experiences that came along with this. Thank you for your experienced guidance through my first session.

Little did I know that this would be the start of a whole new journey. Once back home I found a breathwork circle that meets once a month in a group setting and I will look for more breathwork in my area.

Looking forward to my next session in Portugal with Daniela and Han..

Lots of love from Munich, Germany. Joerg