The Wheel of Life (by Carol Bridges)

Once upon a time, long ago, the People of High Consciousness observed that the world was beginning to be overrun by people unable to perceive the Wholeness. There was a danger that the almighty powers that where meant to be used for the good of all would annihilate the planet if the knowledge of the laws of nature were to be known by those without a love for Her.

So the High Ones, in their cleverness, condensed all of these Laws and Great Teachings into images that fit on 78 cards And they gave the cards to wanderers whom no one would suspect of carrying ancient wisdom. We called the wanderers  ´gypsies´ and the deck of cards

`the tarot´, a word that means:

ROTA= the wheel, circle 

ORAT- speaks

TORA- the Law

ATOR= of nature

Through time, the Earth had given every land a tribe of people who see wholeness. These people built circles of stone to remind them of the circles of life, the laws of nature. They have called these circles Medicine Wheels.

Yet, still upon the Earth there are ones who do not see. These People of no Vision use their eyes as if disconnected from their hearts. This separation has caused great sickness, the effects of which we are experiencing now.

It is time for Good Medicine. It is time to find your own vision of Wholeness and to learn the steps which are yours to take on the Sacred Path.


Monthly overview on what to expect for the coming month regarding your personal development, your relationship(s)  or your working life, or any other topic.   

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