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Take a deep breath....and take your energy back.

Updated: Jul 23, 2019

Remember your last attempt of resistance.  Or was it even an endeavor?

Or remember your last argument about something with someone.

You may feel the experience again - you become angry, fearfull, furious. Your partner or friend may get the blame. Your breath shortens, you contract. She/he gets nervous

too. The battle axe on table. 

Take a deep breath - someone intervenes. You know it, but you can’t find that path in this very moment. It is your inner child which is offended or aggrieved. The reason lays in the past. 

You are not aware of it but once, your feelings as a child, connected to this happening were not validated. They were surpressed or  otherwise neglected, again and again. So you cannot see any connection of that past experience to this present moment.  An unconscious pain draws you into inappropriate emotions. 

A deep breath could help. But breath is allways and only in the NOW. You are not in the NOW with these feelings and thus unable to breathe deeply and relax. You also would not be able to enjoy music or even sing. Because also sound is only in the moment; there is no future sound and no sound in the past. You see how the NOW is the only reality.

And you realise how much emotional energy you invest in the past. Or also in the future when you become fearfull of the next day, next weeks or months. You feel resistance to your future when you expect bad things because the outcome may be the same as in the past. Bring light into the vicious circle.

Take your energy back into the NOW ! 

Breathwork is an  amazing tool to bring the  past into your awareness, even the most unknown or unexpected conditions of your subconcious mind  come into view. And when they do, it feels very healing. You finally can let go of them. It made me  profoundly happy.

My own experience with that was an amazing healing of a chronic bronchitis which I  had for at least 55 years. The bronchitis occured yearly once or twice, a heavy cough which allways, eventually, had to be treated with antibiotics. 

One day, my daughter who, by the way is the owner of this website, invited me for breathwork. I was 75 years old and not at all convinced how I could get rid of that  decennia long ugly health condition by such a treatment. I became guided into a deep journey to my long forgotten childhood memories in the wartime of 1942. You may not believe it, but since that treatment - I remember I was profoundly relieved - I never got a bronchitis again - I am now nearly 82 years old.

You will understand I am deeply gratefull to my daughter. I couldn’t refuse when she asked

me for any blog here. 

Take a deep breath and..... take your smile back.

(Credits to grandpa Arnulf )