Daniela and Hanuman have been deeply involved in inner growth work over the past 15 years. Their personal path of healing started with a breathwork session. Since that first, profound experience they both fell in love with the undeniable wisdom of the body.


They felt called to study various transformational breathing techniques and started guiding groups in the Netherlands. In the following 7 years they intensively engaged with different body-related therapies like Rebalancing bodywork® , tantric teachings and vocal bodywork.  

Simultaneously they immersed themselves in the mysterious teachings of many different medicine plants and their spiritual lessons.

In 2012 they felt called to move to Portugal to set up a small retreat center of their own. Meanwhile they have guided numerous people through intense healing processes and both still enjoy creating safe spaces for transformation. 




Daniela Mar guides breathwork sessions, online , individual  and during  Breath∞Sound worrkshops. 

She offers spiritual guidance for women and tarot card readings through the 



           Guidance for your Life´s Journey


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Hanuman guides breathwork sessions individually  and during  Breath∞Sound worrkshops. 

In his beautiful home he  offers private shamanic retreats  to connect you back to your own inner wisdom.


Contact for more info: +351 .965 720 987




  • Breathwork facilitation, studied with Annette Weers         Netherlands  2009-12

  • Voice Dialogue facilitation, with Peter Dellensen, 2009

  • Tantra Trainings (Center for Tantra, Amsterdam 2010-2012

  • Tibetan sound healing in the Bön tradition (Peter Gouw, Italy 2016) 

  • Sacred Sound Practice  (Sounds of Light, Guatemala 2019)









Relevant Training

 Mayatiita Devi -  is a  a gifted autodidact healer with clairsentience from Rio de Janeiro. She grew up with her father being an Umbanda medium, an Afro-Brazilian tradition that works with the incorporation of Beings of Light and the Spirits of Nature. Therefore, dealing with the energy world that is invisible for the eye was natural for her.
The will to understand more about her true self led her to the practice of yoga and meditation. In a self-taught process she found the “path back home” within meditation.
Mayatiita has traveled around the world sharing herself through hollistic bodywork  and energy healing as well holding space and facilitate ceremonies to inspire people to share their hearts´ truth. (


Mayatiita learned with and assists Daniela and Hanuman since 2020.