• Private (breathwork)session & councelling                   120 min.                                                     € 75.-

  • Relationship session (2 pers)  120 min       € 120.-

You are welcome to schedule a private session. Depending on the nature of your question and your preference we will choose to work with you through

  • Transformational breathwork

  • Trauma release bodywork

  • Voice work

  • Inner child work

  • Rebalancing bodywork® 

  • or a combination of the above 

It is also possible to schedule a free

 Intake session

(15 minutes) to see how we can help you best. 


Heart Centered Living is living according to the calling of your soul. You can recognise the calling of your soul by the feelings of joy, peace and inspiration it brings to you. Sometimes you are cut off these feelings or have troubles to dare trusting your heart, which often involves a leap into the unknown. You may be confronted with deep-seated fears about your own worth and your ability to pursue your own path.  – no matter where you are on your path.

A session can assist you to go beyond fear and open up to trust, self-worth and courage. It may also  help you to  resolve issues regarding depression, anxiety, pain, guilt trauma,  anger, mental problems, addictions, eating disorders or chronic pain..


Relationship session

Every relationship knows times of growth and times of stagnation and maybe even frustration. 

During these stagnant times it is common that feelings of desperation appear with both partners. 

 A relationship healing session  can establish a new bridge of trust through guided communication  and will give you tangible tools to implement into your relationship.  

During a relationship session we may work with Voice Dialogue techniques,  tantric communication skills (no nudity) , transformational breathing and Inner Child healing.