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Vocal sound is about the art of producing conscious sounds with your voice, for healing purposes. Simply speaking it  means 


To use our own voice as instrument is the most healing sound we can produce as humans. These healing, vocal sounds restore our body into its natural resonance (its most harmonious frequency), calm our mind, soothe our emotions and lift our spirits. 

We will introduce you to many different practices to make vocal sound and direct it towards yourself, or others. No instruments but self created sounds, your voice as a healing force! Through the medicine of sound , we can clear obstacles from our body, our energy and emotions, and the subtle sacred dimensions of our being. Think of sacred vowel toning, chanting seed syllables, reciting powerful mantras, resonating into your chakras, overtoning or simply humming....

 Many ancient traditions and mystery schools (eg Egypt, Tibet, China, India) knew about the healing and manifestation powers of the human voice. They handed down many different sound practices that we can draw upon now a days and which inspired us and others.

sound + intention = creation/healing 



Basically they are both intimately connected to our feelings, and therefore to our heart and well being. They are both powerful ´tools´ to influence and change (the quality of) your life, If you can influence the way you feel, you can influence how your life looks like. 

You will experience why breathwork provides the perfect groundwork to sound a new, preferred reality into being. 

What are the benefits of these sound practices?


Through the sound practices you will learn how to:

  • very easiliy and effectivly calm your mind

  • simply enJOY the present moment

  • process (strong) emotions and transform them into a higher vibational state

  • come quickly into an emotional centered state

  • come into heart coherence

  • enhance your ability for manifestation

  • access your creativity

  • increase your focus

  • expand your consciousness

  • reach deep meditative states 

  • unite and harmonize with others through resonance

  • experience bliss

  • bring yourself into alignment

  • connect to specific divine (healing) aspects of yourself like compassion, forgiveness and gratefulness.

  • give yourself an energetical cleanse

If this resonates with you, come and explore, vibrate, tone, sing,  feel and listen to the infinite silent space which is created through your sounds.

 In the end - this is who you truly are. 

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