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Lagos  @Agni Way          11 Oktober     11 .00 - 14.00    €20,-

   Sunday´s Cacao for women with optional lunch €10.-

There are a 1000 ways to pray..... an invitation to gather with a cup of ceremonial cacao and explore the art of praying. The power of women praying together unifies and is greater than the sum of its hearts! With the help of heart opening cacao, our voices and our breath, we will become a living prayer that brings energy shifts and healing.


Ingredients of this morning ritual:


CACAO- the ancient Mayans utilized cacao as a barter currency, a plant teacher, a strengthener of the immune system and therefor a heart medicine. After ingestion, cacao likes to be moved, either through voice vibrations, breathing or dance, to unfold her heart opening qualities.

The sacred cacao brew will be infused with rose petals, cinnamon, chaga, a pinch of cayenne and agave&love as sweet components.


BREATH- as a conductor of feelings, carrying us to the realm beyond the mind. Two cycles of 15 minutes conscious connected breathing will support us to tune into our hearts.


SONG & SOUND- launching our prayers into the world through song, sounds and words for them to take part in sacred creation.


MANDALA- little offerings creating a mandala of our prayers-made-visible.


SILENCE- it is in the silence that we know our prayers have been heard.


This heart space is held for you by Daniela Mar. Experienced in both, shamanic practice and breathwork, as well as passionate about the voice as a powerful means of sacred creation and sacred communication. Her wish for this day is to bring the art of praying back into our daily lives, to confirm that we are powerful co-creators.


Best to breakfast light as the Cacao will be a nourishing breakfast by herself.

You are welcome to bring a little offering (stone, flower, shell, leaf, fruit…) to enhance the feelings and intentions of our prayers. Please wear something light colored, if you have.


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