Lagos  @Monte Rosa          22/12           12 .00 - 16.00    € 55,-


What happens if  we combine ceremonial Guatemalan cacao with a pinch of cinnamon, a session of transformational breathwork, healing sound vibrations  and a cup of love in a cauldron and start stirring with passion?


If you want to get a taste of this magic potion we are excited to share our Cacao Alchemy with you!



  • sacred cacao

  • breathwork session 

  • live sound journey 


We will offer our intentions to Mama Cacao and call her Spirit in by songs and heartopening vocal sounds. After this we will tune into our personal intentions of healing.  The breathwork session supported by a live sound journey will unleash our potential to love, to create and to  embrace live .

The combination of these medicines is a powerful one. Make sure to drink enough water afterwards and take your time to ground back into your body. 


Mama Cacao likes to be  consegrated on a rather empty stomach. As we are joining in ceremony together please wear something that celebrates our healing.....colours or whites....but above all, comfortable!