Guidance for your Life´s Journey

Life is always happening for you , not to you.

The Wisdom Path

You are moving through a period of change in your life? 

You are on cross roads and  would like more clarity about which direction to go? 

You feel stuck in one of your behavioural patterns?

You would like to connect more deeply with your body?

You would like to understand how to stay more truthful to yourself, not loosing yourself to others?

Let me walk beside you so we can invite a change of perspective to what is happening - or not happening- in your life!

On the Wisdom  Path  I will help you to see that life is always happening for you, not to you. From this perspective acceptance, answers and opportunities will flow back into your life.  

Together we will set an intention for our journey, what is it you need, where do you want to go  and how do we get there? Most importantly you will receive personal tools to maintain your balance. 



No matter what is going on in your life, I will always work according to the principle of balance.

You will receive a clearer understanding of  the 4 powers within you  and how to restore your balance within and without, above and below you. .

The Wisdom Path  online includes: 

(duration 4-6 weeks)

  •  3 guidance sessions (60 min)

  •  2 breathwork sessions  (120 min) 

  •  a personal Tarot Reading at the end of our Path together to set you up for your next steps! 

Offering: 320.- euro

The Wisdom Path live  includes: 

(duration 4-6 weeks)

  •  4 personalized bodywork sessions incl. guidance  (150 min.) 

  •  a personal Tarot Reading at the end of our Path together to set you up for your next steps! 

Offering: 320.- euro


The Medicine Path

You are thinking about having  a sacred plant medicine journey (or with other entheogenic teachers)  and are looking for  experienced guidance to help you with your preparation and integration?

Let me walk beside you  if ......

- you have doubts or fears  regarding participation 

- you would like to get deeper in touch with your exact intention

- you would like to have the best possible preparation ( & integration)  to receive most out of your experience

- you would like to learn about the plant teachers in general and find out if they are right for you.

- you have doubts about the organization you will be drinking with

- you need specialized medical/nutritional advice in regards to your participation



What can I do for you?


I can help you to gain deeper insight in your personal intention. Plant medicines (and most entheogene substances) work very well with an intention setting.  The Universe is vast and  we can get lost in all the things it is showing to us. By asking the ´right´ question (intention) we indicate to our higher Self,  WHAT we want to heal and change in our life.  By reflecting on your intention we will find the right angle and the underlying issues which will facilitate your experience during the ceremony. 

As important as the preparation is the integration period, We will reflect on your journey together and make sure you understood everything that happened in terms of your intentions.. We can also set the follow up route together to help you  implement the new lessons into your life. 

 I work with a doctor who is specialized in this area, if you are looking for more specific medical advice ( e.g. what to do with  diabetes, prescribed medications or mental disorders  in regards to plant medicine or entheogenic substances ). 

The Medicine Path includes:

- 1x preparation session (90 min)

- 1x integration session (90 min)

&Tarot Card Reading

Offering: 108,- euro

-specific medical advice  35.- 

 -additional sessions 55.-

It is best to book your first session

as soon as you know you are participating in a ceremony. 


The Sacred Path

It is traditional in indigenous cultures to carry a medicine bag as a way to access  personal power. The items in this bag are personal and create an energy that represents the owner, her/his power and her/his spiritual self. Through these items she/he can reconnect  and  create healing for her/himself and others. 

The Medicine Bag

What is your Medicine? What brings you healing and what of you brings healing to others? What makes your heart sing and gives you deep fulfillment?

Do you have difficulties to see what valuable gifts you have to share with the world?

Or you know but can´t find the spark to manifest  your gifts? 

Let´s open your Medicine Bag together and find out what is keeping you from sharing your medicine(s)......!

My intention is to re-ignite your fire, that passion for life that you feel when you are doing what you love with your entire body, mind and spirit. My way is to gently blow on the sparks so that you can re-member your gifts. 

Fortunately, we have been born with an intense desire to make a good life. It's called doing what we love. Mother Earth is no longer listening to excuses for not doing it. So, let's get started :)

The Medicine Bag includes:

(live or online)

- 2 guidance sessions (90 min)

-1 breathwork session (120 min)

-Tarot card reading

Offering: 188,- euro



 About me.....

My personal Path has been my biggest teacher so far. Looking back on it, my body , my love relationship and plant medicine teachers played an important role on that Path, so far. 

Being disconnected from your body is not an easy thing to notice when you are disconnected from it since childhood. At least, I did not know up until my first  breathwork experience at age 33. 

Breathwork and other body-related therapies brought awareness to my body and showed me that I could make decisions based on what I felt, instead of what I (or others!) thought was right. Connecting more and more to my body helped me to understand and connect to my feminine qualities:  my intuition, my ability to listen and feel, to nurture, to heal,  to understand beyond reason, to Know.


Life started to make deep sense to me and slowly I started to develop appreciation and gratitude for my life. I started to understand that being connected to my body means being connected to the preservation of life on earth. 


When I met my love relationship 15 years ago, I knew we didn´t meet for the first time. We felt like soul mates from many life times, coming together to heal, to forgive and to finish what we once started. The bond of our love was so strong that it could endure a lot of emotional pain, drama and loss. 


If it wasn´t for that strong bond we would have left each other during the first year for someone ´ easier´. The absence of physical intimacy (and all its painful consequences)  in our relationship actually brought us onto the path of personal development and healing. We where determent to bring light into the darkness. (read more)


Ayahuasca  and entheogenic substances in general  played an important role in my personal development and my grounding.  Soon after my spiritual awakening  in 2005 , I heard  the Mother of all plant medicines calling and it appeared to be a strong call.  In the following 10 years her Spirit supported my Path, always showing me what was going on behind the scenes, behind the veils of my ego perception. (read more)

I have learned many techniques for making life better. The list is long. I have had excellent teachers along the way. Underlying every lesson I have learned, I discovered the most important Truth. I must trust myself. I must trust my own inner experience. The deeper I explored this inner "me," the more God-qualities I found there.


God(des) -like qualities to me are qualities of the heart. Where male and female energies merge and balance, and where we are able to live life from a higher or a more neutral perspective. More engaged yet more neutral. It´s the paradox of living a spiritual life in an earth body. 

I know these God(dess) qualities live inside you too!

Let's bring them out into the world again in your own most unique way.

With Love and Gratitude for this Life,

Daniela Mar


Relevant qualifications:

  • Transformational Breathing facilitator (3 years)

  • Voice Dialogue facilitator

  • (1 year)

  • School for Rebalancing Bodywork (3 years)



  • Kundalini Yoga Teacher (not yet completed)

  • Yoga of Sound

  • Tibetan Sound Healing

  • White Tantric Training

  • Soul Body Fusion Teacher Training

  • Virpassana Meditations 

I enjoy to guide women and men on  their life´s Journey since 2012.