90 min.   55.- euro


Breathwork online can be helpful if you do not want to (or can not) leave your home, or you are not living in our the area (Algarve, Portugal). 


 Here are some tips how to prepare your space:


Find a room where you will be undisturbed for the duration of the session.

A yoga mat/ bed or simple matrass to lay down. 

A flat pillow. A blanket. Glas of water. A bigger pillow/bolster to put underneath your knees for a comfortable position.

Install a computer/laptop in that way, that we can see you from your face to your upper legs (side view). 

We will be giving guidance through that device.



The session will be hosted on Zoom. If you don´t have this software yet lease download to your laptop here:

On your other side you will have your smart phone (with or without blue tooth speakers) to play music.

We will send you a Spotify playlist  shortly before the session through whats app. To be able to put your phone on flight mode you will have to download this playlist. ​TIP: ​​If you don´t have Spotify Premium which enables you to download the list, take a FREE trial month. ​

Make sure your devices are charged or plugged in at the start of the session. 

Duration: 90 minutes

If you want to you can cut a plastic water bottle like this.The normal tendency of the mouth is to close

during a session.

This  piece will help to keep your mouth (jaw) open. With an openi mouth you are more connected to the area of your lower abdomen (your gut feeling) and you will be able to feel more.


Maybe you want to light a candle for yourself or even create a little altar. You could draw a card, set your intentions and in that way, make a little ritual out of your healing session