BREATHWORK SERIES 

4  workshops: € 120 (only to be paid  at the first session of the month)


as  individual workshop: €35.-

The Breath∞Sound workshops are designed for people who already did an Introduction Workshop with us. Nevertheless, newcomers are welcome, too. 

We advice to commit to a full cycle of 4 workshops (any month). This cycle is designed to bring your breathwork experience to a deeper level and understanding about your unique way of breathing. 

GROUPSIZE: 1-9 people.

What to expect ?

Next to the breathwork session we will reflect on the psychological aspects of breathing and explore how sound vibrations (our voice) and breath provide the groundwork for emotional well being. During each cycle we will work our way through the energy centers (chakras) of our bodies with breath and sound. 

The breathwork session itself lasts 1,5 hours and is guided by music. After the session we will have an integrative sharing circle. Best not to have important appointments right after a session because you might be open and sensitive. Enjoy, relax and let your body integrate the new vibrational state! 

What to bring?

- a water bottle

- loose and comfortable clothing

- an intention: Why are you breathing today?

- a towel or small pillow to support your head

Please no substantial food too close before the session.

We provide mattrasses and blankets.

What else do I need to know?

Please read through the Breathwork FAQ  page to come as prepared as possible to this incredibly transforming experience.