with                 BREATH∞SOUND

Breath∞Sound offers transformative Breathwork sessions (using  Transformational Breath® techniques)  and sacred sound practices to support transformation, self-exploration and growth. 


We will share our own way of connecting to an endless source of wisdom  through breathwork, bodywork, sacred mantras, toning, voice work and ritual.

Tuning your body into its natural resonance through breathwork and self created sounds.

The breathwork and sound practices are designed to shift energetic blockages into a higher vibrational state, addressing your essential being. They bypas the intellectual mind; like this compassion and understanding arise naturally.

We enjoy creating a safe space for you to connect deeply with your inner guidance, your power and allow an opening of the heart.   

We can go deep together - maybe hit rock bottom- but in the end...

....Our practices lift your vibration, increase joy, open your heart and build a pathway to being fully present with all that is!

We are looking forward to connect with you!