Ancestor Healing & Breathwork

Aljezur      @Templeof the Earth         31/1/ 2021           11.00-14.00   50.- euro



Breathwork & Sweatlodge

Aljezur      @Templeof the Earth         6/2/2021              10.00- 19.30   88.- euro

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Ancestral Healing Ritual &Breathwork 

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We all carry energetic memory in our bodies. We carry family patterns from many generations before us which do not serve our highest good. Deep- seated, hard to change patterns and beliefs can keep us from healthy, loving, intimate relationships. 
We carry these wounded memories within our families and bodies.
How can we break that chain?

During this workshop Mayatiita Devi and Hanuman  invite you to a  journey into your ancestral lineage. Through RITUAL and guided MEDITATION you will open an energetic pathway to these generational behaviour patterns.
You will then embody this pathway through transformative BREATHWORK to shift what has been in your lineage for a long time.
In this way you can stop the wounded behaviour from going down into one more  generation and free yourself from an ancestral burden. 
After this process we will close the ritual by an offering and a gratitude prayer to the ones who walked the Earth before us. 

Subscriptions can be through email only. Spaces are limited (8) and payment is in advance

We are looking forward to sit in this Ancestral Healing Ritual with you!

With  Love, 
Mayatiita Devi & Hanuman