Lagos        @ Agni Way         23/02                10.00- 16.00   75.- euro

Transformational Breathwork 

1 Day INTENSIVE (23/02)

€ 75.-

  • 2 transformational breathwork sessions

  • light vegetarian lunch

  • sharing circle

  • max 8 participants

Two breathwork sessions on 1 day! This day gives you an opportunity to connect even deeper to yourself and to free your breath and your voice  from its constrictions, and old beliefs. Let your breath and voice guide you into deeper intimacy with yourself.....and therefore with others. 

For more information and contra indications regarding transformational breathwork please read here: Breathwork FAQ

Returning to Innocence

1 Day 

Inner Child- Soulwork- Healing

€ 125.-

To see your life through the eyes of your Child, just for one day......

Through Inner Child work we are opening up to the emotional parts inside of us that did not get the chance to evolve into mature, responsible adults. Often we do our best to hide these ´childish´ , emotions (e.g. anger, jealousy, feeling left out or betrayed etc).from the adult (outside) world. Only the ones who we feel safe with are allowed to look behind our masks. We might look like an adult but inside of us there are may be  hidden children waiting to be acknowledged. 


Connecting to the realm of our Inner Child can be surprising, painful, hilarious, astonishing and all of this at the same time. Above all, it is the most precious gift to ourselves and the world.

If you would like to receive more information about this special healing day please contact us.