My personal Path has been my biggest teacher so far. Looking back on it, my body , my love relationship and plant medicine teachers played an important role on that Path, so far. 

Being disconnected from your body is not an easy thing to notice when you are disconnected from it since childhood. At least, I did not know up until my first  breathwork experience at age 33. 

Breathwork and other body-related therapies brought awareness to my body and showed me that I could make decisions based on what I felt, instead of what I (or others!) thought was right. Connecting more and more to my body helped me to understand and connect to my feminine qualities:  my intuition, my ability to listen and feel, to nurture, to heal,  to understand beyond reason, to Know.

Life started to make deep sense to me and slowly I started to develop appreciation and gratitude for my life. I started to understand that being connected to my body means being connected to the preservation of life on earth. 


When I met my love relationship 15 years ago, I knew we didn´t meet for the first time. We felt like soul mates from many life times, coming together to heal, to forgive and to finish what we once started. The bond of our love was so strong that it could endure a lot of emotional pain, drama and loss. 


If it wasn´t for that strong bond we would have left each other during the first year for someone ´ easier´. The absence of physical intimacy (and all its painful consequences)  in our relationship actually brought us onto the path of personal development and healing. We where determent to bring light into the darkness. 

Through reflecting me back my deepest fears and wounds, he eventually showed me the way out of my pain body. I  managed to step out of victimhood into self love. It was a long but very needed path of healing which we walked together. Our relationship, growing ever more from reacting and blaming to responding and valuing one another, became a firm foundation in our lives. 

If it is Love you can let go. 2020 was the year we  had to acknowledge that we came to the end of our Path together. What once was started had been finished. A peaceful separation process  confirmed to us that we both where ready to let go.......

Entheogenic substances in general  and Ayahuasca in particular played an important role in my personal development.  Soon after my spiritual opening  in 2005 , I heard Her call and it was a strong call.  In the following 10 years her Spirit supported my Path, always showing me what was going on behind the scenes, the veils of my ego perception..


The teachings of this divine plant medicine helped me to develop the skill to see things from  a different perspective and with this, I could  move through suffering  and self destructive habits. You could say she became a life style in those years when I meditated with her on a weekly base.  She was the one sending me off to Portugal and helped me to build a new way of life.  And she also was  the one playing serious tricks on what was left of my ego to receive the most humbling lessons of my life. For me to learn about descernment, judgment, arrogance, truth and forgiveness.  

Being with this plant in a close relationship for many years showed me what works and what doesn´t in terms of her healing powers. I started to guide other people, helping them to work with her, to understand her lessons and to implement these into their life. 


I have learned many techniques for making life better. The list is long. I have had excellent teachers along the way. Underlying every lesson I have learned, I discovered a most important truth. I must trust myself. I must trust my own inner experience. The deeper I explored this inner "me," the more God-qualities I found there.


God(des) -like qualities to me are qualities of the heart. Where male and female energies merge and balance, and where we are able to live life from a higher or a more neutral perspective. More engaged yet more neutral. It´s the paradox of living a spiritual life in an earth body. 

I know these God(dess) qualities live inside you too!

Let's bring them out into the world again in your own most unique way. 

 With Love, Daniela